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Cover design by Stewart Williams



Beth Shook, Ph.D.
Katie Nelson, Ph.D.
Kelsie Aguilera, M.A.
ara Braff, Ph.D.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Biological Anthropology

Katie Nelson, Ph.D.
Lara Braff, Ph.D.
Beth Shook, Ph.D.
Kelsie Aguilera, M.A.

Chapter 2: Evolution

Jonathan Marks, Ph.D.

Chapter 3: Molecular Biology and Genetics

Hayley Mann, M.A.
Xazmin Lowman, Ph.D.
Malaina Gaddis, Ph.D.

Chapter 4: Forces of Evolution

Andrea J. Alveshere, Ph.D.

Chapter 5: Meet the Living Primates

Stephanie Etting, Ph.D.

Chapter 6: Primate Ecology and Behavior

Karin Enstam Jaffe, Ph.D.

Chapter 7: Understanding the Fossil Context

Sarah S. King, Ph.D.
Lee Anne Zajicek, B.A.

Chapter 8: Primate Evolution

Jonathan M. G. Perry, Ph.D.


Chapter 9: Early Hominins

Lindsay Hunter
Nomawethu Hlazo
Silindokuhle Mavuso
Rosa Moll
Navishni Naidoo
Kimberleigh Tommy
Kerryn Warren


Chapter 10: Early Members of the Genus Homo

Bonnie Yoshida-Levine Ph.D.


Chapter 11: Archaic Homo

Amanda Wolcott Paskey, M.A.
AnnMarie Beasley Cisneros, M.A.

Special Topics Author: Robyn Humphreys, MSc.


Chapter 12: Modern Homo sapiens

Keith Chan, Ph.D.

Chapter 13: Race and Human Variation

Michael B. C. Rivera, Ph.D.

Chapter 14: Human Variation: An Adaptive Significance Approach

Leslie E. Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.

Chapter 15: Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology

Ashley Kendell, Ph.D.
Alex Perrone, M.A.
Colleen Milligan, Ph.D.

Chapter 16: Contemporary Topics: Human Biology and Health

Joylin Namie, PhD.


Appendix A: Osteology

Jason M. Organ, Ph.D.
Jessica N. Byram, Ph.D.


Appendix B: Primate Conservation

Mary P. Dinsmore, M.S., (Ph.D. candidate)
Ilianna E. Anise, B.A., (Ph.D. student)
Rebekah J. Ellis, B.A., (Ph.D. student)
Amanda J. Hardie, M.A., (Ph.D. candidate)
Jacob B. Kraus, B.S., (Ph.D. student)
Karen B. Strier, Ph.D.

Appendix C: Human Behavioral Ecology

Kristin Snopkowski, Ph.D.