First Edition Lab and Activities Manual

The Explorations Biological Anthropology Lab Manual includes 1-4 labs/activities for each of the sixteen chapters and three appendices in Explorations.

Each lab/activity is CC BY-NC licensed and includes:

• Learning objectives
• List of required supplies
• Instructions for faculty
• Estimated duration
• Student worksheets
• Reference to the corresponding Explorations chapter
• Consistent format and style

The labs/activities can be individually printed by faculty for in-class use or packaged into course lab books for the term. Many labs are designed to be easily adapted for distance learning courses.


If you would like to contribute a CC BY-NC lab/activity that you have developed or that you have found useful, please email:

Chapter 15: Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology

Chapter 16: Contemporary Topics: Human Biology and Health

Appendix A: Osteology

Appendix B: Primate Conservation

Appendix C: Human Behavioral Ecology

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