Explorations is the first comprehensive, peer-reviewed, open access textbook for post-secondary biological anthropology courses.

Produced with support from the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges (a section of the American Anthropological Association) and a grant from Minnesota State. Available free of charge for use in any setting.

This project emerged from a dream to create a world-class biological anthropology introductory textbook that is 100% open and free. Motivated to eliminate the need for students to purchase costly textbooks, this textbook offers a no-cost option that is high-quality and adaptive.

Our team of managing editors consists of committed anthropology educators from all over the nation. We’re all members of the Society for Anthropology in the Community Colleges (SACC) and were emboldened by SACC’s success with Perspectives: An Open Invitation to Cultural Anthropology, the first OER cultural anthropology textbook of its kind. Our aim was to replicate the success of Perspectives in the field of biological anthropology.

 Questions? Comments? Suggestions? The managing editors can be reached at: explorationstextbook@gmail.com