Explorations Lab and Activities Manual

The forthcoming Explorations Biological Anthropology Lab Manual will include approximately 2-4 labs/activities for each of the sixteen chapters and three appendices in Explorations.

Each lab/activity will be CC BY-NC licensed and include:

• Learning objectives
• List of required supplies
• Instructions for faculty
• Estimated duration
• Student worksheets
• Reference to the corresponding Explorations chapter
• Consistent format and style

The labs/activities can be individually printed by faculty for in-class use or packaged into course lab books for the term. For each chapter, we will provide at least one lab/activity that is easily adapted for distance learning courses.

We will continue to add more lab options as they become available throughout the Spring 2021 semester.

If you would like to contribute a CC BY-NC lab/activity that you have developed or that you have found useful, please email: explorationstextbook@gmail.com

Chapter 13: Race and Human Variation


Chapter 15: Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology

Chapter 16: Contemporary Topics: Human Biology and Health

Appendix A: Osteology

Appendix B: Primate Conservation

Appendix C: Human Behavioral Ecology